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Postdoctoral Fellows

PAIS has been extremely successful in attracting early career researchers into the department on postdoctoral fellowships. It currently has sixteen postdoctoral fellows amongst its staff members, some who have come to the department on big grants and others through winning individually awarded fellowships through dedicated PDF schemes. The three most recent successes in this latter category have brought the total amount of money awarded to PAIS in competitively organised postdoctoral fellowships to over £1 million in the 2008-2012 period.

We always want to hear from the best possible candidates for postdoctoral awards. Anyone who believes that they have a research CV suited to such success and is interested in applying for PDF funding through PAIS must: a) make contact with a member of academic staff who they hope will act as their designated mentor; and b) notify both the Head of Department (Juanita Elias) and the Director of Research (Christopher Moran) in PAIS. It is imperitive that both the Head of Department and the Director of Research are consulted from the outset of the application process because the department has financial limits on the number of applications that can be put forward. The research interests of staff can be found at-a-glance on the academic staff listing, which also contains links to more in-depth research profiles. Details of some of the key funding sources for postdoctoral research can be found on this page. Successful examples of previous applications to these schemes can be found here.

PAIS also has a Post-Doctoral Committee which runs events targeted at early career researchers, discussing things like Tips for Writing CVs and Covering Letters, How to Write a Good Funding Proposal (led by Dr Gary Fisher) and How to Make a Good Job Presentation (led by Professor Ben Clift).