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Who keeps the peace and why does it matter?

Who keeps the peace and why does it matter?

Key contacts: Prof. Vincenzo Bove

Funding: Swedish Research Council

Partners: Dr. Chiara Ruffa (Uppsala University), Dr. Ralph Sundberg (Uppsala University) & Prof. Andrea Ruggeri (University of Oxford)

Start date: 01.06.2018

End date: 31.05.2021

Project overview

With 105 000 military personnel deployed from over 100 contributing countries across 16 missions in 2016 only, peace operations are today one of the international community’s most important tools to restore peace and security. This project asks how mission composition affects peacekeeping effectiveness. We address our research question through the development of an analytical framework that identifies the most relevant ideational and material factors that should affect effectiveness. From this framework we extract testable hypotheses that we subject to both large-N and small-N hypothesis-testing (with Lebanon and the Democratic Republic of Congo as cases). Our findings help shed light on how to improve peacekeeping operations.