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Crossing the Med Blog

1 December 2015: Images and notes from a fieldwork visit to Malta

by Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams

On 13 September 2015, amid the on-going ‘Mediterranean migration crisis’, I visited Malta to help set-up fieldwork interviews as part of the ESRC-funded project ‘Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat’. These images and notes offer some brief, preliminary, and occasionally personal reflections on aspects of my two-day trip largely by way of a commentary provoked in reaction to several photos taken on my iPhone while I visited different parts of the island.

Wed 02 Dec 2015, 10:31

8 September 2015: Crossing the Mediterranean Sea

by Dr Vicki Squire

There has been a sudden intensification of moral calls in Europe to protect the plight of refugees from Syria. But what does this mean for those who do not qualify as bone fide refugees? What does it mean for those who would not be considered as legitimate under the Pope’s call for local communities to host those fleeing conflict?

Thu 12 Nov 2015, 16:38

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