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Geopolitical economy of energy system transformation

Geopolitical economy of energy system transformation

Key contacts: Michael Bradshaw and Caroline Kuzemko

Funding: EPSRC

Partners: Durham University, University of Southampton, UCL and Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Start date: 01.05.2019

End date: 31.10.2024

Project website:

Project overview

The project is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the global context for the UK’s transition to net-zero. This first work package combines energy research in geography and international political economy (IPE) to develop a new, whole system framing of the geopolitics of energy system transformation. This second work package delivers case studies, on global production networks and LNG, that demonstrate potentials for energy system transformation to generate new geopolitics of energy. In the third work package, the UCL energy modelling team will create a new set of scenarios based on insights from the previous two work packages.