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Data and Displacement Final Project Report

The final project report of the Data and Displacement project was released on the 12th of September, 2022.

Drawing on the findings from 174 in-depth interviews with data experts and practitioners from a range of international humanitarian agencies, local stakeholders, regional practitioners involved in the provision of humanitarian assistance, and IDPs, the report analyses ethical and operational challenges undermining data-driven humanitarian protection in North Eastern Nigeria while also presenting recommendations.

Click here to download the full Report (PDF)

Policy Briefs and Reports

Datafication of the Humanitarian Sector: Efficacy and Ethics

November 9, 2022


A policy brief on the Efficacy and Ethics of the Datafication of the Humanitarian Sector based on the findings of the Data and Displacement project was published on November 9th, 2022. It comments on the transitions in the role of data and analysis within humanitarian operations in the past 20 years, with rapid datafication or ‘digital humanitarianism’ since 2010. While this has diversified and improved analysis and decision-making, it has also led to ethical issues and new operational risks around data management. Consequently, the ethical issues and risks of operational data management and the potential harm caused to affected populations has also changed at a similar pace, albeit with less outward attention in comparison to the push for “data enhanced decision-making”.

This research brief is authored by Prithvi Hirani and Robert Trigwell from the International Organization for Migration - IOM

Click here to download the full Policy Brief (PDF)

Data, Displacement and Humanitarian protection in Nigeria

July, 2022


A policy brief based on the findings from our interviews with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria was published. It highlights how ethical and operational challenges such as personnel and infrastructural gaps undermine ethical and effective data-driven humanitarian protection in North-East Nigeria.

Click here to download the policy brief. Available in English and Hausa

Ethics and Efficacy of Data-Driven Humanitarian Assistance in South Sudan

July, 2022


A policy brief based on the findings from our interviews with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in South Sudan was published by our partners at the University of Juba, to learn more about the ethics and efficacy of data-driven humanitarian assistance in the Country. 

Click here to download the policy brief

Humanitarian Crises and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria

May, 2022


The Data and Displacement project has published a report entitled 'Humanitarian Crises and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria'. The report is authored by our University of Ibadan partners and it provides insights into the ethics of data collection and use, while also highlighting the high levels of deprivation under which many displaced people in North East Nigeria live.

Click here to download the report


Data based humanitarianism in Nigeria and South Sudan

In December 2022, members of the Data and Displacement team explored barriers that emerge in the context of data-driven approaches to humanitarian protection in Nigeria and South Sudan. Blog post is available here

Collaborative Blog from our Workshop with Practioners

In November 2021, the Data and Displacement project published a collaborative blog on how to achieve a balance between Information, Knowledge and Action in the Humanitarian context. The blog is based on our workshop which discussed the ethics and efficacy of data in humanitarian targeting and protection of internally displaced persons, hosted by the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies. Blog is available here

Collaborative Research Blog

In April 2021, Data and Displacement team members published a collaborative blog entitled ‘Data and Displacement: Collaborative Research at a Time of Uncertainty. The blog discusses the strengths of the research and the importance of collaborative teamwork in a time of uncertainty. It is available here


Participatory Ethos Podcast

How can we build mutual learning with IDPs, rather than engaging the research process in extractive terms? This is a question that researchers from the Data and Displacement team discuss in a project podcast, recorded in February 2021. The podcast brings together PI Professor Vicki Squire with Co-I Dr Briony Jones and Research Fellows Dr Prithvi Hirani and Grant Tregonning, who collectively consider the importance and challenges of engaging a participatory ethos within our fieldwork, as well as the research process as a whole.

Listen to the podcast here


Events Archive

Lecture Series on Humanitarianism and Data

This series introduces students and scholars to the ideas of humanitarian protection, displacement, data, and ethics. Comprising lectures on the ethics of displacement research, humanitarianism and big data, decolonising geospatial methods, the politics of knowledge and the case studies of Nigeria and South Sudan, our diverse team draw on the Data and Displacement project findings to share knowledge, experience and critical reflections.

Click here to access the lectures

Collaborative NVivo Workshop

In September 2021, the Data and Displacement team held a 3-day online capacity building workshop in collaboration with our University of Ibadan partners.

Click here to access the workshop's sessions

Papers and Research Articles presented

The project team prepared five papers for publication, based on the findings from our research. These were presented at the 6th World Conference on Humanitarian Studies in November 2021 and are currently being developed as research articles.