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The project team is currently preparing five papers for publication, based on the findings from our research. These were presented at the 6th World Conference on Humanitarian Studies in November 2021. More information will be available on these soon. The team is also preparing research briefs and a project report, the latter of which will be completed by September 2022.

Participatory Ethos Podcast

How can we build mutual learning with IDPs, rather than engaging the research process in extractive terms? This is a question that researchers from the Data and Displacement team discuss in a project podcast, recorded in February 2021, which is available here. The podcast brings together PI Professor Vicki Squire with Co-I Dr Briony Jones and Research Fellows Dr Prithvi Hirani and Grant Tregonning, who collectively consider the importance and challenges of engaging a participatory ethos within our fieldwork, as well as the research process as a whole.

Collaborative Research Blog

In April 2021, Data and Displacement team members published a collaborative blog entitled ‘Data and Displacement: Collaborative Research at a Time of Uncertainty. The blog discusses the strengths of the research and the importance of collaborative teamwork in a time of uncertainty. It is available here.

Collaborative Nvivo Workshop

In September 2021, Data and Displacement team held a 3-day online capacity building workshop in collaboration with our University of Ibadan partners. The workshop aims to enhance researchers' skills in using Nvivo for Qualitative analysis. Over 800 people registered for this workshop, including students in local & regional universities. Please see the video recordings of this workshop from day 1-3 below.