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The COVID Observatories

The COVID Observatories

Monitoring the Interaction of Pandemics, Climate Risks, and Food Systems among the World’s most Disadvantaged Communities.

Key contacts: Keith Hyams

Funding: UKRI GCRF/Newton Fund

Start date: 2020

End date: 2022

Project website: 

Project overview

Indigenous Peoples are believed to be at particularly high risk from COVID, exacerbated by climate risks and socio-economic stresses. There is emerging evidence that national responses to the pandemic are compounding the vulnerability of Indigenous Peoples, exacerbated by little—if any—understanding on the unique pathways through which COVID will affect them. This project addresses this knowledge and policy gap by documenting, monitoring, and examining how COVID is interacting with multiple stresses to affect the food systems of Indigenous Peoples globally, co-creating knowledge and capacity to strengthen resilience. The project works with 20 Indigenous peoples in 13 countries.