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Tom Sorell

Tom Sorell

Professor of Philosophy and Politics

University of Warwick

Tom Sorell is Co-Principal Investigator for Vaccine Hesitancy Project. He is a Professor of Politics and Philosophy and Head of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group in PAIS. He was an RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellow (2013-2016). He was Tang Chun-I Visiting Professor in Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. Previously, he was John Ferguson Professor of Global Ethics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham. Before that he was Co-Director of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex. In 1996-7 he was Fellow in Ethics at Harvard.

He has published extensively in moral and political philosophy, including four books, and dozens of journal articles. His most recent published work takes up (i) moral and political issues raised by emergencies, including terrorist emergencies; (ii) microfinance and human rights; (iii) the defensibility of preventive justice; ethics and artificial intelligence; (iv) digilantism; and (v) bulk collection.

He has worked on many European and RCUK funded research projects. He has also served as a consultant on security-sensitive material in UK universities and on the committee advising the AHRC on the Internet of Things. He is vice-chair of the Home Office Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group and is on the data ethics committee of the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner. In 2020 he was appointed Chair of the West Midlands Police General Ethics Committee.