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Comparative Politics

The Comparative Politics and Democratisation Cluster benefits from a wide range of expertise of the academic community in the department. Thus, it addresses not only a wide range of substantive topics, with a special focus on democratisation, but also brings together our broad methodological expertise.


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One of the core areas of this cluster is the work on Democratisation which finds strong expression in a number of departmental research areas:

  • international democracy promotion globalisation and democracy
  • evaluation issues in democracy and democracy promotion
  • democracy and development including democratisation in post-conflict societies

Key research themes


EU policy making
The role of non-governmental organisations, think tanks and pressure groups in policy processes
Theories of justice and equality applied to the environment, education and international finance
Environmental policy, including the relationship between trade and the environment, agriculture and the environment
The politics of sustainability

Centres and Working Groups


The Centre for Studies in Democratisation located in the department incorporates the research expertise of members of staff drawn from across the university.

The East Asia Study Group (EASG) exists as a forum for discussion for academic staff and doctoral researchers to discuss a range of issues related to East Asia. The objective of this group is to stay abreast of the latest political, social and economic developments in East Asia; allowing participants to form and share their views among peers working on the region.