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Principal Researcher

marie_curie.jpgResearch Fellow (CSGR)
Belaala dot sf at gmail dot com


Salma was featured in a 16 January International Business Times article entitled 'Mali Conflict: Counter-Terrorism Local Policy Only Way to Win the War'.

The CARP Workshop on Salafism in North Africa was recently featured in a press article (in Arabic) from on 7 July 2012. Read the full article (Word Document)



Comparative Political Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Religion

  • Ph.D., Political Science, Institut d'Etudes Politique de Paris.
  • M.A., Political Science, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.
  • B.A., International Relations and Islamic Studies, Sorbonne.

Research subjects

  • Muslim Diasporas in Europe: Muslims, Ethnicities and Pluralism.
  • Islamist Radicalisation in North Africa and Sahil: Ethnicities, Ethno-nationalism and Salafism(s).
  • Ethnographical methodology and political periphery, micro and macro levels of political violence

Research interests

  • Political identity and Islam (Europe, Maghreb and Sahel)
  • Micro and Macro approaches to Islamism(s)

Current research

Dr Salma Belaala has joined Warwick University as advanced Marie Curie Fellow on November 2010. The fellowship will focus on her project entitled: Cultural Approach of Radical Islamism in the Context of European Pluralism: Radical versus Moderate Muslims. (European Commission, European Research Area, FP 7)

Summary of Project: The radical Islamism is often presented in the political debate through the prism of religion or geopolitics. Moreover, this phenomenon is analysed in the global strategic debate without taking into account the anthropological knowledge of the radicalisation at the local and national levels. Our project consists in filling this gap by leading an empirical, innovative and independent study of the cultural process of Islamist radicalisation in Europe. The Islamist radicalization is presented in the numerous studies in social sciences as the revival or the continuity of the ancient Islamic tradition or of the classical Islamic religious. We intend to confront in the empirical way the cultural tradition and the Islamism. The radicalisation expresses itself by excluding the other, including the non radical Muslims. This phenomenon raises the political question of cultural alterity and ethnicity. Interdisciplinary our research project arises in the field the question of the emergence, in the democratic political contexts, of the new political forms of dissidence in cases of Moderates and Radicals Muslims in Spain, France and United-Kingdom.

International Workshops

Salma organised an international workshop on 28th June 2012. For more details go to:

Salma's interview with the media relating to the topic of the International workshop:

Salma's participation in international conference and article of Le Monde relating to the topic: