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Works in Progress 

  • Kadhum, Oula. 2015. Diaspora mobilisation and belonging in multicultural Britain: the case of the Iraqi diaspora in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war.

Abstract: Explanations for diaspora mobilisation in the literature have traditionally focussed on the myth of return, long-distance nationalism, identity maintenance, development of the homeland and as a reaction to discrimination in hostland contexts. Yet less explored and understood is diaspora mobilisation as a way of asserting belonging to an adopted country. After conducting fieldwork in London with 27 diaspora members from Iraq's multi-ethnic society about their political mobilisation in the aftermath of the 2003 intervention, I argue that diaspora mobilisation in multicultural Britain has reinforced their loyalty and sense of belonging to Britain due to their a) freedom to politically mobilise, b) ability to assert their ethnic and religious identities , and c) ability to travel back and forth due to their dual citizenship. In doing so it has allowed members of the diaspora to reconcile their hybrid identities, further increasing their sense of belonging to their country of settlement by seeing their futures increasingly tied to the host country rather than their country of origin.

Presented at Coventry University, November 2014, Coventry