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Japan’s Global Role under Abe: Opportunities and Risks

Speakers: Prof Hugo Dobson (The University of Sheffield), Prof Chris Hughes (Warwick), Chair: Prof Shaun Breslin (Warwick).

Friday 12 July 2013, 4pm - 6pm, P5.21 (see below for directions*), The University of Warwick

Lecture, open to all. More info: Michiel Foulon (

On July 21, upper house elections will be held in Japan that will determine the future orientation of Japan’s policymaking. After the launch of the second Abe administration in December 2012, the Japanese government has been calling for a new policy orientation including its so-called “Abenomics” and the revision of the Japanese post-war constitution. Whilst Japan under Abe is aiming to become a leading democratic country – not only in Asia, but also globally - by expanding its role in the global arena (e.g., G8), the nature of conservative, hawkish administration has been a major concern from an international perspective in relation to its on-going territorial disputes with China and South Korea, the “comfort women” issue, and the revision of the war-renouncing Article 9 of the constitution. The current administration is, furthermore, facing various other domestic challenges, including the growing movement against nuclear energy, particularly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.

The PAIS East Asia Study Group would like to invite you to its Lecture Event "Japan’s Global Role under Abe: Opportunities and Risks", with Prof Hugo Dobson (Sheffield) and Prof Chris Hughes (Warwick), chaired by Prof Shaun Breslin (Warwick). Prof Dobson will address the recent G8, global summitry in light of the new Abe administration. Prof Hughes will discuss Japan's international role under the Abe administration, with a focus in the domestic ideological roots of Abe's foreign policy doctrine, and some emphasis on US-Japan ties, East Asian ties, and problems that his foreign policy may encounter.

Listen to the event:


Warwick East Asia Study Group Lecture
Japan’s Global Role under Abe: Opportunities and Risks
Friday 12 July, P5.21*

3.30pm: Refreshments and engaging with speakers
4pm: Prof Hugo Dobson (Sheffield)
4.30pm: Prof Chris Hughes (Warwick)
5pm: Q&A
6pm: Closing remarks

Chair: Prof Shaun Breslin (Warwick)

Lecture, open to all. More info: Michiel Foulon (

* How to get to P5.21: Enter the Physics Building via the library bridge, then stay on the main hallway and walk past lecture theatres and the entrance to the new annex. When you reach a group of seats to your right, to your left you will then see a sign for the ‘Gents’. Following the sign will lead you to a staircase. Walk up two floors, take the left entrance. The room is then just to your right.