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The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute in the East China Sea: Background and possible approaches to resolution

ob-ue824_diaoyu_g_20120816051552.jpgSpeaker: Prof Reinhard Drifte (Newcastle); comments from Dr Alessio Patalano (King's College London)

Date: 24 November 2014

Time: 6-7:20pm

Venue: S0.17 (Social Sciences Building)

Summary: In the presentation I will provide a critical analysis of the background which led to this territorial conflict and which – next to the dispute over Japan's historical legacy – poisons the Japan-China relationship and destabilises East Asia. How was it possible to freeze the territorial conflict in the 1970s, why did its shelving break down in the 1990s, and what does it mean for resolving the dispute? The author proposes several steps, such as a new shelving agreement of the dispute, Confidence and Security Building Measures, joint exploitation of marine resources, and finally addressing the sovereignty issue through internationalization or sovereignty sharing.