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Spring 2014

  • 7 March 2014: Seminar on 'Explaining recent changes in U.S.-Myanmar Relations' with Dr Jurgen Haacke (LSE).
    2-4 pm, R3.41 (Ramphal Building). Full information on this event can be found here.
  • 5 March 2014, Discussion meeting, 'Political Economy of the Japanese Credit Market since the 1980s'
    Chaired by doctoral researcher Fumihito Gotoh (Warwick); 11am-12pm, B0.06 (Social Sciences Building).
    • Main readings:
    • Further readings:
      • Woo-Cumings, M. 1999 ‘Introduction: Chalmers Johnson and the Politics of Nationalism and Development’ in Woo-Cumings, M. (ed.) The Developmental State, Cornel University Press, pp. 1-31
      • Gill, S. and Law, D. 1988. ‘Chapter 7: The Power of Capital’ in The Global Political Economy: Perspectives, Problems and Policies, Harvester Wheatsheaf, pp. 83-102
      • Gao, B. 2001. Japan’s Economic Dilemma: The Institutional Origins of Prosperity and Stagnation, Cambridge University Press.
  • 28 February 2014: Seminar on 'Diaoyu/Senkaku Dispute and its Impact on Sino-Japan Relations' with Dr Dingping Guo (Fudan University/Nottingham University). 
    3-5pm, R1.15 (Ramphal Building). Full information on this event can be found here.
  • 24 February 2014: Seminar on 'The Political Economy of State-Firm Relationship in Contemporary Vietnam' with Dr Vu Thanh Tu Anh (University of Oxford).
    12-2pm, R1.15 (Ramphal Building). Full information on this event can be found here.
  • 19 February 2014: Discussion meeting, 'Knowledge Turn and Discourse Reconstruction: Orient Foreign Policy Theories'
    Chaired by doctoral researcher Zhou Yuehan (China Foreign Affairs University); 11am-12pm, B0.06 (Social Sciences Building).
    • Main readings:
      • Friedrichs J and Kratochwil F., 2009, 'On acting and knowing: How pragmatism can advance international relations research and methodology', International Organization, 63(04): pp. 701-31.
      • Hopf T., 2010, 'The logic of habit in International Relations', European Journal of International Relations, 16(4), pp. 539-61.
      • Pouliot V., 2008, 'The logic of practicality: A theory of practice of security communities', International Organization, 62(2), p. 257.
    • Further readings:
      • Yaqing Q., 2007, 'Why is there no Chinese international relations theory?', International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 7(3), pp. 313-40.
      • Adler E and Pouliot V., 2011, 'International practices', Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.
  • 5 February 2014: Seminar on 'China and International Norms (inc. maritime security)' with Prof Kathy Morton (Australian National University).
    3pm, H0.56 (Humanities Building). Limited spaces available; please email Catherine Jones or Misato Matsuoka in advance. Full information on the event can be found here.