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Spring/Summer 2013

  • 20 February 2013: Discussion meeting, 'South East Asia and the U.S. pivot to Asia'
    Chaired by doctoral researcher Michiel Foulon (Warwick). (Slides)
    • Main readings:
      • Beeson, Mark (2004) 'U.S. hegemony and Southeast Asia', Critical Asian Studies, 36:3, pp. 445-462.
      • Khan, Raja Muhammad (2012) 'Sino-U.S. rivalry in South-East Asia', Turkish Policy Quarterly, Fall, pp. 95-104.
    • Further readings:
      • Misalucha, Charmaine G. (2011) 'Southeast Asia-US Relations: Hegemony or Hierarchy?', A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs, 33:2, pp. 209-228.
      • On the U.S. pivot to East Asia, see the recent 2012 special issue in Global Asia, available via the following link.
  • 6 March 2013: Discussion meeting, 'The identities of EU and China: can you promise me what I proposed?'
    • Main readings:
      • Gustaaf Geeraerts, 2011, 'China, the EU, and the New Multipolarity', European Review, vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 57-67.
      • Katina Barysch; with Charles Grant and Mark Leonard, 2005, 'Embracing the dragon: the EU’s partnership with China', London: Centre for European Reform.
    • The second reading is a e-book, but it is not necessary to read the full text, but just several pages in it:
      • p.6-10, the part of 'EU's China policy';
      • p.51-56, the part of ' The EU’s role in China’s internal transformation';
      • p.71-76, the part of 'EU-China co-operation in world politics'.
    • Additional readings:
      • David Scott, 2007, China-EU convergence 1957–2003: towards a ‘strategic partnership’, Asia Europe Journal, vol. 5, issue. 2, pp. 217-33 (attached)
      • Jenny Clegg, 2010, CHINA VIEWS EUROPE: A MULTI-POLAR PERSPECTIVE, European Studies, Issue. 27; pg. 123
  • 1 July 2013: Seminar on 'Revisiting the Ethical Foundations of Islamic Finance: A Comparison with Conventional Finance', with Dr Jikon Lai (University of Melbourne, Australia).
    Full information on the event can be found here.
  • 2 July 2013: Guest Lecture on 'North Korea in 21st Century international relations', with Dr James Hoare (SOAS), former Britisch Ambassador ("British chargé d'affaires") to Pyongyang.
    Full information on the event can be found here.
  • 12 July 2013: Lecture event on 'Japan' (concrete topic tba), with Prof Hugo Dobson (Sheffield) and Prof Chris Hughes (Warwick).
    Full information on the event can be found here.
  • 17 June 2013: Lunch-seminar, 'Economic and strategic implications of China's rise', with Prof Mark Beeson (Murdoch University, Australia), Prof Shaun Breslin (Warwick) and Dr Peter Ferdinand (Warwick).
    Full information on the event can be found here.