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Summer 2014

  • 25 June 2014: Discussion meeting, 'Thai Style Democracy: Polarised Politics and the 13th Coup D'état'
    Chaired by doctoral researcher Prapimphan Chiengkul (Warwick); 11am-12pm, B0.06 (Social Sciences Building).
    • Abstract: Class struggle? Resurgence of feudal elites? A coup to end all coup? A revolution to end corruption, reform democracy and bring about a utopian vision of Thailand? Many countries such as the US and Australia, as well as the international media, have slammed yet another coup d'état in Thailand. Many Thais, however, reacted with strong anti-US sentiments while they gave water, food and flowers to the soldiers, thanking them for saving the country from the political deadlock and violence. As anti-coup Thai protesters show three fingers to emulate the Hunger Games' freedom fighters, coup leader General Prayuth also shows three fingers but as a sign for "I love you". On a self-appointed project to "return happiness to Thai people", the Thai military has been active in seizing illegal war weapons and in implementing reforms in all aspects of life, ranging from traffic jams to economic policies. On the one hand, some Thais strongly oppose the military's control, its strict implementation of the lese majeste law, and call for a new election as soon as possible. On the other hand, some Thais call on the military not to "waste" this coup and urge the military to implement drastic reforms of the country, such as in the energy sector, before a new election.
  • 11 June 2014: Seminar on 'Japan's Maritime Disputes: Memories of the Past and Geopolitics of the Present' with Prof Thomas Berger (Boston University).
    4:30pm, R1.03 (Ramphal Building). Full information on this event can be found here.
  • 27 May 2014: Seminar on 'Understanding the DPRK: Inside and Out' with Chad O'Caroll (director of North Korea News) and Ji Min ("Ask a North Korean").
    3pm, S0.13 (Social Sciences Building). Full information on this event can be found here.