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India Research Team

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My research interests include the gendered political economy of development, gendered development discourse and institutions in India, gendered performativity and electoral politics in India, and feminist institutionalist and poststructural methodologies. My doctoral research investigates the importance of discourse, institutions, and subjectivity and agency on efforts to mainstream gender in development policy in India. These three features are examined at both the national and the subnational levels. I have also previously published on gender and political leadership in India.

I graduated in International History and Politics (BA) from International University Bremen and began but did not finish the Master of Public Policy program at the Hertie School of Governance. To date, I've focused my research on democratisation - specifically on the gap between the "theory and practice" of political science and "real-world" politics and policy-making, questioning the merit of ideal epistemologies in the study, description and prediction of real-world events. Professionaly, I've worked as a motivational speaker for a Malaysian NGO that aimed to empower Malaysia's (ethnic Indian) underclass. Through public lectures and nation-wide radio interviews, I raised awareness of the necessity of creativity and self-expression within educational structures and of the vast chasm between legal possibilities/"paper-based rights" and real opportunities for personal and societal development in a racially conscious government and society.