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International Partners


CSD has strong research links with the Madrid-based think-tank Fundación Para Las Relaciones Internacionales Y El Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE), where CSD member Richard Youngs is Director General. FRIDE is leading independent policy research and think-tank institute. It aims to provide innovative thinking on Europe’s role in the international arena, with a focus on peace and security, human rights, and democracy promotion. Click here for more information on collaborative research projects of CSD and FRIDE. See also FRIDE web site:

Recent publications by FRIDE of CSD authors can be found on the CSD site's publications page, and include P. Burnell, A New Autocracy Promotion? (March 2010) and Shaun Breslin, Democratising One-Party Rule in China (September 2008).as well as numerous publications by Richard Youngs.


CSD and the School of Law of the University of Cape Town, South Africa

CSD is the ‘northern’ partner in the three-year (2007-2010) British Council-funded project, Implementing constitutional choices: enhancing accountable government on the African continent, together with the School of Law of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as lead partner in the ‘south’, and School of Law, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Please click here for examples of recent conferences and workshops organized by this project. And look out for news of a book on Making Governance in Africa Accountable, one of the fruits of a major confernce held at UCT in July 2009. For more information about the partnership please contact Peter Burnell at



CSD and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

CSD has a formal link with the major research programme based at the Department of European Studies, University of Amsterdam on ‘International intervention, democracy and political parties: assessing the external dimension of democratisation processes in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union’. This programme, which is funded by the Dutch National Science Foundation NWO, includes three doctoral research projects on international party support to: 1) Serbia; 2) Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo; 3) Ukraine and Georgia. Click here for more information. For further details, please contact Professor André Gerrits at 

Late in 2010 Routledge has publishing Promoting Party Politics in Emerging Democracies as a book in their Democratisation Studies series and as a special issue of the journal Democratization. The collection is a product of collaboration between Professor André Gerrits and Peter Burnell, who are the co-editors.

CSD and other Research Centres of Democratisation

World-wide, there are many other centres and organisations which are focusing on democratisation and linked with research interests of CSD members. See below for selection: