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Past CSD events 2010


Date: 19th November 2010

Venue: Scarman House, University of Warwick, Coventry, UL

More information and free registration: This one day workshop will bring together scholars from diverse disciplines with an interest in performance and ritual, political representation and deliberation, democratisation, and comparative legislative studies to explore the significance of disruptions to parliamentary debates in contemporary national legislatures. Click here for more information, and click here for the programme. Please email dr Carole Spary:

Event: International Conference ‘Law and Politics in Africa’s One-Party Dominant Regimes’

Date: September 10-13, 2010

Venue: Scarman House, Warwick University, UK

More information and free registration: This conference will explore the rise and persistence of one party dominant regimes in Sub-Saharan Africa and discuss the interaction between one-party dominance, the rule of law and other governance related themes. The event is organised by Renske Doorenspleet (CSD/ PaIS) and Lia Nijzink (University of Cape Town, South Africa). Presentations by experts in the fields of Law and Politics will address conceptual and theoretical aspects of one-party dominance and assess the party systems in various African countries, including South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Mali. The conference is part of the South-South-North partnership between the Universities of Warwick (UK), Cape Town (South Africa) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Click here for the programme. Click here for a flyer.

NEWS: Read the report How to Revitalise Democracy Assistance: Recipients' Views, by Richard Youngs, in FRIDE Working Paper 100, published by FRIDE on-line, June 2010. This is the first ever such survey of recipient views, and reveals major challenges to the international supporters of international democracy support.

NEWS: Congratulations to Democratization journal on gaining Thomson Reuter SSCI listing, effective from June 2010.

NEWS: SPECIAL ISSUE OF CONTEMPORARY POLITICS, MARCH 2010, VOL. 16, No .1, edited jointly by Peter Burnell and Professor Oliver Schlumberger, University of Tuebingen, Germany, on Promoting Democracy - Promoting Autocracy? International Politics and National Political Regimes.


1.'Promoting democracy - promoting autocracy? International politics and national political regimes', Burnell and Schlumberger.

2.'Are dictatorships returning? Revisiting the "democratic rollback" hypothesis'. Wolfgang Merkel.

3. 'Exporting democracy in the Russian Federation: political regime, public opinion and international assistance'. Andre Gerrits.

4.'Bringing the outside in: illustrations from Haiti and Mali for reconceptualising democracy promotion'. Julia Leininger.

5.'Democracy promotion circa 2010: an Indian perspective'. Siddharth Mallavarapu.

6.'Would autocracies promote autocracy? A political economy perspective on regime type export in regional neighbourhoods'. Julia Bader, Jorn Gravingholt and Antje Kastner.

7.'The role of external factors in advancing non-liberal democratic forms of rule: a case study of Russia's influence on Central Asian regimes'., Nicole Jackson.

Event: seminar on "Deliberative Democracy and Public Reason"

Date: May 2010

Venue: H1.02, Warwick University, UK

More information: Prof Ken Baynes is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Syracuse. He works primarily in social and political philosophy, with a special focus in critical theory (the "Frankfurt School") and modern and contemporary German philosophy. He is a co-editor of After Philosophy: End or Transformation? (MIT Press), and Discourse and Democracy (SUNY Press), and the author of The Normative Grounds of Social Criticism: Kant, Rawls and Habermas (SUNY Press). His current interests are in the normative or obligatory character of rules and practices, attempts to ground moral principles in practical reason, and the relationship between democracy and basic rights, including "multicultural rights." Ken Baynes presents his paper "Deliberative Democracy and Public Reason", and his talk will be followed by questions and discussion.

Event: Forum 'Taking Liberties: Freedom vs. Security'

Date: Tuesday 26th January, 17:00 - 19:00

Venue: Arts Centre, Conference Room, Warwick University, UK

More information and free registration: 'Taking Liberties: Freedom vs. Security' is primarily a debate about the perceived erosion of civil liberties internationally. Is there an inevatible trade-off between freedom and security? Must security must be compromised, if civil liberties are to be preserved? Are there alternative methods of ensuring security? Speakers are Eric Metcalfe (Director, Justice), Guy Aitchison (Deputy Director, Convention on Modern Liberty) and Kimberley Brownlee (Politics Lecturer, University of Manchester). This forum is organised during One World Week (the World’s largest student run global event, which is proudly hosted at the University of Warwick every January). See for more information:

Everyone is welcome!

Event: Forum 'Global Political Disenchantment'

Date: Wednesday 27th January, 17:00 - 19:00

Venue: Arts Centre, Conference Room, Warwick University, UK

More information and free registration: Are we losing interest in political issues? Is this a global phenomenon? Are there changes in voting habits? Are we less satisfied with politics, policies, and politicians? Are we unhappy with the practice of democracy? Is there a growing sense of political apathy and a global movement towards a period of political indifference? This forum will examine theses questions and explore whether such changes are indeed occurring. Moreover, it will offer explanations to remedy what may fundamentally be a 'climate change'. Speakers are Ola Petterson (Assistant Programme Officer, International IDEA), Hans-Peter Martin (Member of the European Parliament), Pam Giddy (Power 2010, Director) and Abby Kiesa (CIRCLE Institute Tufts University, Youth Coordinator & Researcher). This forum is organised during One World Week (the World’s largest student run global event, which is proudly hosted at the University of Warwick every January). See for more information:

Everyone is welcome!

Event: Africa@Warwick. This was a two-day event organised by the Institute of Advanced Study showcasing Africa-related research, teaching, collaboration and culture at many different departments (e.g. history, biological sciences, sociology, medical school, law, politics) and research centres (e.g. the Centre for Studies in Democratisation, CSD) at the University of Warwick.

Date: Friday 15 and Saturday 16 January 2010

Venue: Wolfson Research Exchange and Millburn House, Warwick University, UK

More information: This lively and interdisciplinary event included keynote speakers from Warwick and strategic partners in Monash and Boston University (USA) as well as presentations by funding bodies (charities and research councils). Scholars presented papers about youth and children, democratisation and governance, health, food and the environment in Africa. In addition, there was an evening full of cultural events with music, food, literature readings and film. See


NEWS: BISA has awarded James Brassett the prize for the best article published in Review of International Studies during 2009. Our warm congratulations to James! The full reference to the article is: 'British irony, global justice: a pragmatic reading of Chris Brown, Banksy and Ricky Gervais' in Review of International Studies (2009), 35, 219-245

NEWS: look out for exchanges on the web site of the think-tank HEINRICH BOLL STIFTUNG (BERLIN), which from May 2010 on will feature Peter Burnell's specially commissioned Climate Change and Democratisation: a Complex Relationship? together with comments on the paper by German experts and academics. A select circulation of the paper was first made by the Foundation at the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen December 2009, in advance of opening up for wider public debate.







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