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Past CSD events before 2008

International Intervention, Democratization and Political Parties (21-23 February 2007)

A collaborative research workshop with the Department of European Studies from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The main topic focused on the various dimensions of international democracy promotion in ‘new democracies’. Click here for more information.

Deviant Democracies: Democratization Against All Odds (September 2006, supported by Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)

This international workshop took place in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands. The workshop was led by Dr. Renske Doorenspleet together with Dr. Petr Kopecky, University of Leiden and Prof. Dr. Cas Mudde, University of Antwerp. The main topic was on explaining the unexpected transitions to democracy in countries such as Costa Rica, India, Botswana, Mongolia and Benin. It resulted in a special issue of Democratization, August 2008.

Globalising Party-based Democracy (July 2005, supported by the ESRC’s Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation)

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