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Two Book Series

There are two book series on democratization that are associated with the Centre for Studies in Democratization. The first is the Book Series: Democratization Studies, edited by Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert up to 2008, and published by Routledge. The second series is the Book Series: Perspectives on Democratic Practice, edited by Shirin Rai and Wyn Grant, and published by Manchester University Press.

Book Series: Democratization Studies (ISSN 1465-4601)

Edited by Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert

Published by Frank Cass until 2004, and by Taylor and Francis, as Routledge Studies in Democratization, since 2004.

This book series combines theoretical and comparative studies with detailed analyses of issues central to democratic progress and its performance, all over the world.

Titles include:

  • New Challenges to Democratization (eds. P.Burnell and R. Youngs, University of Wawick and FRIDE, under contract)
  • Problems of Unconsolidated Democracy: Euope and Latin America (Carsten Schneider, Central European University, contract)
  • Global Democracy: For and Against (Rafaele Marchetti, European University Institute, in press).
  • Constructing Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidation in Italy, Spain and Turkey (Lauren McLaren , University of Nottingham, in press).
  • Democratization in the Muslim World: Changing patterns of authority and power (eds. Frédéric Volpi and Francesco Cavatorta, 2007).
  • On the State of Democracy (ed. Julio Faundez, 2006).
  • The Internet and Politics: Citizens, voters and activists (eds. Sarah Oates, Diana Owen and Rachel Gibson, 2006).
  • Religion, Democracy and Democratization (ed. John Anderson, 2005).
  • Civil Society in Democratization (eds Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert, 2004).
  • Democratization and the Judiciary (eds Siri Gloppen, Roberto Gargarella and Elin Skaar, 2003).
  • The European Union and Democracy Promotion: the Case of North Africa (eds. Richard Gillespie and Richard Youngs, 2002).
  • Party Development and Democratic Change in Post-Communist Europe: the First Decade (ed. Paul Lewis, 2001).
  • Opposition and Democracy in South Africa (ed. Roger Southall, 2001).
  • Democracy Assistance: International Co-operation for Democratization (ed.Peter Burnell, 2000).
  • The Internet, Democracy and Democratization (ed. Peter Ferdinand, 2000).
  • The Resilience of Democracy: Persistent Practice, Durable Idea (eds. Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert, 1999).
  • Democratization and the Media (ed. Vicky Randall, 1998).
  • Civil Society: Democratic Perspectives (eds. Robert Fine and Shirin Rai, 1997).
  • Democracy and North America (ed. Alan Ware, 1996).
  • Factional Politics and Democratization (eds. Richard Gillespie, Michael Waller and Lourdes López Nieto, 1995).

Book Series Perspectives on Democratic Practice

Edited by Shirin Rai and Wyn Grant for Manchester University Press

With the ebbing away of the ‘third wave’ of democratization, democratic practice is unfolding and consolidating in different ways. While state based representative democracy remains central to our understanding of the concept, we are also conscious of the importance of social movements, non-governmental organisations and governance institutions. New mechanisms of accountability are being developed, together with new vocabularies to address these elements in democratic practice.

The books published in this series focus on three aspects of democratic practice:

  • analytical and normative democratic theory, including processes by which democratic practice can be explained and achieved;
  • new social and protest movements, especially work with a comparative and international focus;
  • institution-building and practice, including transformations in democratic institutions in response to social and democratic forces.

Their importance arises from the fact that they are concerned with key questions about how power can be more fairly distributed and how people can be empowered to have a greater influence on decisions that affect their lives.

This book series is a successor to the successful series on Perspectives on Democratization, also published by Manchester University Press.

 Already published in the Series:

  • Susan Buckingham and Geraldine Livesley (eds) In the hands of women: paradigms of citizenship.
  • Bert Cammaerts Mind the gap: internet mediated policy processes beyond the nation state.
  • Katherine Fierlbeck Globalizing democracy: power, legitimacy and the interpretation of democratic ideas (2nd edition)
  • Carina Ginnarson Cultural warfare and trust: fighting the Mafia in Palermo.
  • Jennifer S. Holmes Terrorism and democratic stability revisited (2nd edition)
  • Anna M. Pusca Revolution, democratic transition and disillusionment: the case of Romania