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Deliberation and democracy

Coming soon! First selection:

  • BRASSETT, J. 2010. Co-edited with William Smith. Special Section on 'Deliberation and Global Governance'. Review of International Studies . Section includes James Bohman, Garrett Brown, Eva Erman, Randall Germain, Richard Higgott, and Peter Newell.
  • BRASSETT, J. & SMITH, W. 2010. 'Deliberation and global civil society: agency, arena, affect'. Review of International Studies, 36 (2), 413-430. Link to publication (Journal website).
  • SMITH, W. & BRASSETT, J. 2008. Deliberation and Global Governance: Liberal, Cosmopolitan, and Critical Perspectives. Ethics & International Affairs 22 (1), pp. 69–92. Link to publication (Journal website).