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Student Working Papers

CSD Student Working Papers with the following topics:

  • Democratic regimes and climate change (Chris Biggs) (PDF Document)
  • Democracy building in post-conflict situations (Shanila De Silva) (PDF Document)
  • Elite culture and democracy in Colombia and Venezuela (Juan Carlos Gomez Benavides) (PDF Document)
  • Democracy and the role of ethnicity in Zambia (Theo Bass) (PDF Document)
  • Public opinion in Europe (Lucy Hatton) (PDF Document)
  • Privatization and democracy in Mexico (Matthias Baumgarten) (PDF Document)
  • Economic development and democracy in Asia (George Lindley) (PDF Document)
  • Political leadership and regime type in Liberia (Sebastian Gehart) (PDF Document)
  • The rise of China and its implication for democratisation (Jennifer Sibley) (PDF Document)
  • Cosmopolitan democracy (Jack Stevenson) (PDF Document)
  • Promotion of democracy abroad: the USA and EU compared (Amy McGlinchy) (PDF Document)