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Past PhD Projects

Research Related to CSD Issues by Recently Completed Doctoral Candidates. Department of Politics and International Studies, Warwick University. Selection since 2004:

PhD Awarded in 2011

* Fowle, Mark, The Practice of Emancipation: Cross-community dialogue in post-war Vukovar

PhD Awarded in 2010

* Suckle, Elsa, Muslim religious accommodation in public institutions: multicultural equality in theory and practice

PhD Awarded in 2009

*Antonio Pelaz Tortosa, Analyzing state-society relations, grassroots democracy and party hegemony in rural Vietnam

* Andreas Tsolakis, Globalisation and the reform of the Bolivian state, 1985-2005

* Jeroen de Zeeuw, Political Party Development and Party System Institutionalization in Post-conflict Countries,

PhD Awarded in 2008

* Kamikubo, Masato, A new proposal for the reform of the Japanese political system: the proportional representation system added to the multi-member district system

* Chae, Jun-Ho, Structural Adjustment - Theory, Practice and Social Impacts on South Korean Labour Market

PhD Awarded in 2007

*Saguier, Marcelo, Imagining the FTAA from below: The politics of transitional civil society in the Americas

PhD Awarded in 2006

* Keating, Michael, Global Best Practice(s ) and Institutional Reform in Developing States: Central Banks and the Electricity Sector in Malaysia and Uganda

* Nomura, Ko, The Impact of Democratisation on Environmental Governance in Indonesia: NGOs and Forest Policy Networks

* Zeng, Huaguo, Globalization and the Media Governance in the People’s Republic of China 1992-2004 

PhD Awarded in 2005

* Hung, Chin-fu, Politics and Public Opinion in China: the Impact of the Internet 1993-2003

* Riggirozzi, Maria Pia, The World Bank as a Norm-Broker: Knowledge, Funds and Power in Governance Reforms in Argentina

* Sanchez, Francisco Javier Porras, Broadening Understandings of Governance: the Case of Mexican Local Government

* Qobo, Mzukisi Jonathan, South Africa as a Global Actor: Regional and Multilateral Trade Strategies from 1994 to 2004

PhD Awarded in 2004

* Abu-Dalbouh, Walid Khalid Nawwash, Jordan, Stability and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: a Case Study in the Role of Financial Assistance in Promoting Stability 1995-2001

* Assaf, Noura, Consociational Theory and Democratic Stability: a re-examination on basis of the case study of Lebanon