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BA Programmes

The Centre for Studies in Democratisation develops and participates in the teaching programme of the Department of Politics and International Studies. 

Examples of modules on democratisation are:

  • BA, second year optional module on ‘The international politics of democracy promotion’. Lecture and seminar (led by Peter Burnell)

Members of the Centre also try to incorporate issues of democratisation in general modules, e.g.

  • BA, first-year module on ‘Introduction in research methods in the discipline of politics’. Lecture and seminar on defining and measuring democracy (by Renske Doorenspleet)
  • BA, second-year module on ‘Comparative politics’. Seminar on theories of democratisation (by Renske Doorenspleet)

Members of the Centre strongly encourage students to write about democratisation. As part of their degree final year undergraduates in the Department of Politics and International Studies may write a substantial 10,000 word dissertation on a topic of their own design. Candidates for the dissertation may write on issues in democratisation, with the benefit of supervision by CSD academics. Examples of recently written dissertations which achieved high marks include:

  • ‘A critical analysis of the US’s motives for promoting democracy in the post-cold war period’
  • The prospects for empowerment and emancipation through community-based participatory democracy with specific reference to Latin American examples
  • A critical evaluation of the international community’s efforts to promote democratisation and good governance in Cambodia since 1989
  • ‘Civil society’s contribution to democracy and democratisation in Pakistan: a critical examination’
  • ‘ the internet as a tool to enhance democracy in developed countries’
  • A critical investigation of the legitimacy of political conditionalities attached to international development assistance