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Dr. Dennis Leech

Dennis Leech is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Studies for the MSc in Economics at Warwick. His research interests focus on the governance of international economic institutions, such as the IMF/ World Bank and the EU Council of Ministers, which employ weighted voting systems, and the associated questions surrounding distribution of power. His work is both applied and methodological, centring on formal methods of analysing voting power deriving from co-operative game theory. He believes there are currently real possibilities for furthering this area of research in international relations which can lead to the development of normative rules which could be applied, for example to the allocation of votes to countries in the expanding EU. He is also actively working on corporate governance where he has previously done pioneering work on the analysis of shareholder voting power and control of the corporation, as well as aspects of empirical game theory. His work has been published in a range of journals including the Economic Journal, Econometrica, Public Choice, Management Science, European Journal of Political Research and other economics journals.
dennis leech