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Dr. Lei Zhang

Lei Zhang is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics. He received his BSc from Peking University and his PhD from the University of Warwick. His research interest includes sovereign borrowing, exchange rates, monetary and fiscal policy, and irreversible investment, and his publications include articles in Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control and Economica.

Lei Zhang has been actively involved with the people at the Centre on various issues concerning globalisation. These include his research on the international financial architecture ("Sovereign Liquidity Crises: The Strategic Case for a Payments Standstill", with Marcus Miller, Economic Journal, January, 2000. Paper in PDF), on capital market bubbles ("Moral Hazard and US Stock Market: Analysing the Greenspan Put", with Marcus Miller and Paul Weller, 2001. CSGR WP 83), and also on prudential regulation and sequencing of financial liberalisation (see, for example, "Sequencing of capital account liberalisation: A challenge to the Washington Consensus", with Marcus Miller, July, 1999. Paper in PDF).

For more details, see Dr. Zhang's web site.

lei zhang