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John McGee

John McGee was educated at Manchester University in England, where he obtained a first class honours degree in economics, and at Stanford University in California where he obtained his doctorate at the Graduate School of Business. From 1970 to 1985 he was at the London Business School seeing it in its formative years. He was the founding Director of the Alumni Association in 1972. In 1982 he was the Founding Director of the Centre for Business Strategy. He then moved to Templeton College, Oxford. At Templeton he had major client management responsibilities including Thames Water, Merck Inc., British Aerospace, and Andersen Consulting. He was closely involved in the planning of the Oxford MBA and became Dean of Templeton in 1992.

He joined Warwick Business School in 1994. He is currently Associate Dean for the MBA Programme and Professor of Strategic Management. He has been Head of the Marketing & Strategic Management Group, 1998-2001was Director of the Centre for Corporate Strategy & Change 1995-7.

Professional activities include membership of the HEFCE RAE panel on Business and Management Studies in 1996 and 2001. He is past-President of the (US-based) Strategic Management Society, having been President from 2000-2. He is an Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal, the strategy field’s leading academic journal.

Particular interests include the drivers of long term change in the structure of industries; the dynamics of “new” industries and of the newly transformed industries such as energy and other infrastructure industries; the deconstruction of corporations and the emergence of new corporate forms; the development of international strategic alliances; and the implications of the information revolution for corporate headquarters; and the development of stakeholder theories and their impact on corporate strategy. He has been developing these themes and ideas in pharma/bio-sciences, in information intensive environments, and in knowledge-based service industries.

Recent publications include:

(i) on the changing nature of the corporate centre and the new, emerging role of information and knowledge management at corporate HQ (with Y. Merali):

“Information Competences and Knowledge Creation at the Corporate Centre” in Strategic Flexibility: Managing in a Turbulent Environment Thomas, H., & O’Neal, D. (eds.) 1998

“Planning the Migration: Rewriting the Script for the Corporate Centre”, in Strategic Flexibility: Managing in a Turbulent Environment edited by Gary Hamel, C K Prahalad, Howard Thomas, & Don O’Neal, John Wiley & Sons, 195-218, 1998

(ii) on evolution of industry structures in the “new economy”:

“Network Industries in the New Economy” (with T Sammut-Bonnici) in European Business Journal, 2002, vol. 14, 3, 116-132

“Network Strategies for the New Economy” (with T Sammut-Bonnici) in European Business Journal, 2002, vol. 14, 4, 174-85

(iii) on knowledge dynamics, deconstruction and strategy:

“Knowledge as a Lens on the Jigsaw Puzzle of Strategy” (with H Thomas) working paper, 2003

“Strategy as Orchestrating Knowledge” in Images of Strategy (D. Wilson & S. Cummings (eds.)), Blackwell, 2003, 136-163

(iv) on strategic management theory

“Strategic Groups: Theory & Practice” in The Oxford Handbook of Strategy Volume 1 edited by Faulkner D., & Campbell N. Oxford University Press, 2003, 261-301

(v) on strategy in practice

“Strategising Routines in HSBC”, (with J. Menuhin) working paper 2003