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Samuel Alexander

Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor



AB in History, Government and Economics (Cornell University), MSc (Univ. of Oxford), MPhil (Univ. of Cambridge), PhD (Univ. of London)

Dr Alexander is a UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Senior Research Fellow in International Political Economy and Law (2007-2009). He is also a joint investigator on the ESRC World Economy and Finance Programme’s research project ‘The Legal and Economic Aspects of Sovereign Debt Finance’ with Professor Dr. Amrita Dhillon of the University of Warwick Department of Economics.

Professional Experience

Dr Alexander has worked in public policy in the US and British governments. Since 1999, he has advised central banks and national banking and securities regulators on technical assistance programmes related to prudential regulation of banking and securities markets. In July 2006 he was invited to give oral and written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs on the ‘The Impact of Economic Sanctions, and in November 2006 was invited to give oral and written evidence to the European Union Parliament’s Special Committee on ‘The Collapse of Equitable Life.’ He is involved in European Union regulatory reform efforts to enhance investor and policyholder protection in the single market.

Previous Appointments

Dr Alexander was a Senior Research Fellow in International Financial Regulation at the Judge Business School (2001-2005). He was a Swiss National Science Foundation Senior Research Fellow in Global Financial Governance at the Rechtswissenschaftliches Institut, University of Zurich (2006-2007); Senior Research Fellow in International Financial Regulation, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London (2000-2003); and Research Fellow, ESRC Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge (1997-2001); and an Associate Professor of International Economic Law (2003-2007) at the University of Warwick.

Research Interests

International financial regulation and the historical development of the International Financial Institutions (BIS & IMF) and globalisation theory; the economic, legal and public policy aspects of financial regulation and its impact on corporate governance of financial institutions; the development of globalised financial markets and its impact on the strategies and management practices of multi-national enterprises. The impact of Basel II and European banking law on the cross-border operation of banks and financial firms; and the evolution of economic, legal and management theory as it relates to financial market development.

Recent publications
Peer-reviewed articles

K. Alexander, ‘Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk’ European Business Organisation Law Review (November 2007) (Cambridge Univ. Press).

K. Alexander (2007) ‘The GATS and Financial Services: the Role of Regulatory Transparency’ Cambridge Review of International Affairs 20 (1) pp. 111-133.

K. Alexander, Ferran, E., Jackson, H. and Moloney, N. (2007) "Transatlantic financial services regulatory dialogue." European Business Organization Law Review, 7(3) pp 647-673

K. Alexander (2006) ‘Corporate Governance and Banks: the role of regulation in addressing the principal-agent problem’ (January 2006) Journal of Banking Regulation 7 (1 & 2)(London: Palgrave) pp. 17-40.

K. Alexander (2003) ‘International Financial Regulation and Terrorist Finance’ in The Funding of Terror: The Legal Implications of the Financial War on Terror’ in R. Cranston (ed.) Symposium Issue of the Journal of Money Laundering Control 6(3) pp. 201, 212-213. (cited by the International Monetary Fund in its official report entitled ‘Suppressing the Financing of Terrorism’ (2003) IMF Legal Department p. 22, fn 60 

K. Alexander (2002-03) ‘The Development of a Uniform Choice of Law Rule for the Taking of Collateral Interests in Securities’ Part(s) 1 & 2 Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law Vol(s) 17 No. 11 & 18 No. 2 pp. 436-442 & pp. 56-64


K. Alexander (2007) Economic Sanctions: Law and Public Policy ( Macmillan/Palgrave)

K. Alexander, R. Dhumale and J. Eatwell (2005) Global Governance of Financial Systems: The International Regulation of Systemic Risk (Oxford Univ. Press)

Book chapters

K. Alexander (Dec. 2007) ‘International Economic Law and the Lender of Last Resort’, in (eds. Sir Basil Markesinis, Professor Silvia Diaz Alabart, Professor Michel Grimaldi, Professor Hans Micklitz, 'Principles and New Developments of Private Law. Liber Amicorum for Guido Alpa' (London: British Institute of International and Comparative Law)

K. Alexander (Nov. 2007) ‘The UK Legal Framework of Financial Stability and the Bank of England’ in Volume 5 of the International Monetary Fund’s Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law (Washington DC: IMF).

K. Alexander (2007) ‘The GATS and International Financial Regulation’ in M. Andenas et al. The World Trade Organisation and Trade in Services (Leiden: Brill/Martinus Nijhof).

K. Alexander (2007) ‘US Prudential Regulation and Bank Holding Companies’ in Mayes, D.G. and Wood, G.W. (eds.): The Structure of Financial Regulation (Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge) pp.155-171.

K. Alexander (2003) ‘Private Law approaches to Enhancing Financial Stability: The Hague Convention on Indirectly Held Securities and European Union Collateral Directive’ in M. Andenas & Y. Avgerinos, Financial Markets in Europe: Towards a Single Regulator’ (London: Kluwer Law International) pp. 121-145.

K. Alexander (2003) ‘United States Anti-Money Laundering Law: Corporate Compliance and Liability Issues’ in T. Graham, ed., Butterworths International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice (2nd edition)(London: Butterworths), pp. 628-664.

Government advisory work

Invited Written and Oral Evidence ( June/July 2006) to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs on The Impact of Economic Sanctions at a special meeting of the full Committee on 4 July 2006. See Alexander’s written evidence and paper (15 June 2006) for the Committee at and oral evidence before the full Committee (4 July 2006),%20Kern%2020060629.doc 

Above oral and written evidence cited favourably in Select Committee Final Report ‘The Impact of Economic Sanctions’ (May 9, 2007). For specific text citations, see pages 12, 18 and 19 and at footnotes 4-8, 14. See 

Invited Report and Oral Evidence (30 November 2006) to the European Union Parliament’s Select Committee on the collapse of Equitable Life cited favourably in the EU Parliament Committee’s Report (2006/2199)(IN) at page 160 (examining UK financial regulatory regime), pages 285-86 (on the role of EU law in protecting policyholders in the 1980s/1990s, and pages 299-300 (potential utility of EU law allowing US-style class action procedures for investors and policyholders and other potential legal remedies). See Draft Report with cited page numbers at: 

Invited paper and lecture/seminar presentations (23-24 October 2006) to the International Monetary Fund’s Law Department and Financial Stability Division at its bi-annual Law and Financial Stability Seminar. One key note paper and one lecture (23 October 2006) and one seminar presentation (24 October 2006) entitled respectively: ‘International Economic Law and the Role of the Lender of Last Resort’, and The UK Legal Framework of Financial Stability and the Bank of England. See and

Expert technical adviser to the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) (2007-present) on ‘Financial Services, the roles of governments, regulatory frameworks and international regulatory standards’.