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Upendra Baxi

Upendra Baxi's work relates to the movement, caused by the materiality of contemporary economic globalization, from the paradigm of universal human rights of human beings to a new paradigm of trade-related market-friendly human rights. Within this paradigm shift, his work explores the dominant discourse of business ethics, including the CSR and ‘corporate citizenship,’ as yet insufficiently responsive to human rights responsibilities of multinational corporations and other business entities. He has explored the realms of private as well as public international law remedies available to the victims of mass social disasters caused by multinational corporations and has written extensively concerning the Bhopal catastrophe. Professor Baxi has innovated legal action strategies aimed at reinforcing the residual human rights of the Bhopal violated. His current work explores interrelated areas such as understanding ethnic violence and economic liberalisation in the Indian conjuncture, some recent approaches to global justice, the place of human rights in the discourse of New Social Movements, and the anti-impoverishment strategies enunciated in Millennial Development Goals and Programs.