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Dr. Ben Rosamond

Ben Rosamond is a Professor of Politics and International Relations in PAIS. He studied at the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield and was awarded his PhD on British trade unionism and European integration by the latter in 1993. Before coming to Warwick in 1995, he held an appointment at Oxford Brookes University. He is author of Theories of European Integration (Macmillan/St. Martin's Press, 2000), co-author of Politics: An Introduction (Routledge, 1997) and co-editor of New Regionalism(s) in the Global Political Economy (Routledge, 2001). He is currently preparing a book entitled Globalisation and the European Union for republication with Palgrave. He has written extensively on the theoretical analysis of European integration, international relations theory and on the interplay between the European Union and the political economy of Britain in various edited collections and in journals such as Current Politics and Economics of Europe, European Journal of International Relations, European Legacy, European Studies, Global Economic Review, Journal of European Public Policy, Leviathan, New Political Economy, Political Studies and Politics.

He holds an award from the ESRC's 'One Europe or Several?' research programme for his project 'Globalisation, EU Economic Policy Communities and the Construction of European Identities'. The project, which commenced in September 1999, seeks to explore the conceptions of 'globalisation' at work within selected EU policy arenas and how these connect to the pursuit of interests and development of particular European identities and conceptions of 'Europe'. The project will generate and enhance dialogue between academics and policy practitioners about the meaning of global change in the European context. During the first half of 1999, Ben held the inaugural Marshall-Monnet Visiting Professorship of European Union Studies at the New York EU Center (a consortium involving four Universities - Columbia, New York University, New School for Social Research and City University of New York. He was editor of Politics, an official journal of the Political Studies Association of the UK between 1994 and 2000. He is the co-ordiantor of the CSGR Marie Curie Training Site.

To consult Professor Rosamond's most recent research activities and publications, please visit his personal webpage.

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