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Annie-Marie Phizacklea

Annie Phizacklea started out as a political scientist with a BA in Politics from Exeter in 1969, a Masters in Political Science from McMaster (Canada) in 1970 and a PhD in Politics from Exeter in 1975.


Her main teaching interests are in migration, ethnicity, gender and employment and she teaches on Modernity and Globalisation, Migration and Identity and Gender and Work Worldwide.

Her books have mainly focused on the relationship between class, migration ethnicity and gender and include Labour and Racism (1980 with Robert Miles) One Way Ticket (edited in 1983), White Man's Country (1983 with Robert Miles); Unpacking the Fashion Industry (1990); Homeworking Women (1995 with Carol Wolkowitz): Transnationalism and the Politics of Belonging (2000 with Sallie Westwood) and Gender and International Migration in Europe (2000 co-authored) and her forthcoming book Migration, Gender and Globalisation (Sage, 2003).