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Japan's International Relations

"No other book has comparable breadth and depth of coverage. Japan's International Relations has a basic clarity that will appeal to novices but a nuanced depth that will simultaneously make it required reading for experts. It's a wonderful work."

T.J. Pempel, Boeing Professor of International Studies, University of Washington, USA

"This original work splendidly blends theory with case studies in order to interpret Japanese diplomacy. It combines two different aspects-- Japan seen from abroad and Japan understood indigenously. It has done what it set out to do -- to show that Japan can be explained. It is an outstanding work that should be read by not only Japan specialists, but by political scientists and international relations scholars alike."

Makoto Iokibe, Professor of Diplomatic History, Kobe University

This comprehensive and user-friendly textbook provides a single volume resource for all those studying Japan's international relations. The book offers a clear and concise introduction to the most important aspects of Japan's role in the globalized economy of the twenty-first century.
Japan's International Relations
* examines the historical context of Japan's emergence on to the world stage
* looks at Japan's international relations in terms of the core issues of politics, economics and security
* provides detailed accounts of Japan's key relationships with the US, East Asia, the EU, and global institutions
* explores the effects of contemporary events such as the Asian financial crisis and the launch of the Euro
* is extensively illustrated throughout with statistics, maps, photographs, chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading

It is essential reading for those studying Japanese politics and the international relations of the Asia Pacific, as well as US and European foreign policy.

Japan's International Relations: What, Why and How? 1. The Significance of Japan's International Relations 2. Explaining Japan's IR Japan-US Relations 3. An Introduction 4. Political Relations 5. Economic Relations 6. Security Relations 7. Conclusion Japan East-Asia Relations 8. An Introduction 9. Political Relations 10. Economic Relations 11. Security Relations 12. Conclusion Japan-Europe Relations 13. An Introduction 14. Political Relations 15. Economic Relations 16. Security Relations 17. Conclusion Japan-Global Institutions 18. An Introduction 19. Japan-UN 20. Japan-Economic Institutions 21. Japan-G7 22. Conclusion 23. Japan Explained 24. Japan: The Challenge of Globalization. Chronology. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.

Series Information:
Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies / Routledge Series

Author Biography:
Glenn Hook, Professor of Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield

Julie Gilson, Lecturer, University of Birmingham 

Christopher Hughes, Senior Research Fellow, CSGR, University of Warwick 

Hugo Dobson, Lecturer, University of Sheffield