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Juanita Elias

Juanita Elias is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University, Australia. Her research interests include gendered approaches to International Political Economy, the political economy of Malaysia, domestic worker migration, studies of women’s work in the global economy, and international labour standards and human rights. She is the author of Fashioning Inequality: The Multinational Corporation and Gendered Employment in a Globalising World (Ashgate, 2004). Recent published work has also appeared in journals such as Review of International Political Economy, Globalizations, Third World Quarterly, International Migration, Economy and Society, and Australian Journal of International Affairs. Her current research project is entitled ‘The gender politics of economic competitiveness in South East Asia’. This project uses the case of Malaysia to explore how discussions of gender equality have increasingly come to be framed in relation to the pursuit of national economic competitiveness and the tensions and resistances that emerge from this policy direction. During her time at Warwick, Juanita will continue to develop this project and will also be working on two other issues: a critical evaluation of the World Economic Forum’s work on gender; and, an analysis of the disputes between Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia over migrant domestic worker employment in Malaysia.