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Katsu Sasuga

Katsuhiro Sasuga is Associate Professor in the Department of International Studies, School of Humanities and Cultures, Tokai University (Kanagawa, Japan). His research interests are broadly in the study of international political economy, with a focus on globalisation and regionalisation in East Asia; theories of new regionalism, the issues of governance; the issues of links between political economy and economic sociology; and cross-border production networks in East Asia. Katsuhiro obtained his bachelor degree (Economics) from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan), and holds an M.A. (International Relations and International Political Economy) from the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). He obtained his Ph.D. in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick (July 2002). He was a Visiting Research Fellow at KIEAS (Keio Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, Japan) (2002-2005). He has also been a Visiting Research Fellow at the CSGR, University of Warwick (2011-12). He is the author of Microregionalism and Governance in East Asia (Routledge, 2004), in the CSGR Warwick Studies in Globalisation series. His current research focuses on the globalizing automobile industries in relation to the government-business relations in China and India. Arising from this field, he writes a book chapter on “Cooperation and Competition in the Chinese Automobile Industry: The Emerging Architecture of China-Japan-US Economic Relations’, in Getting the Triangle Straight: Managing China-Japan-US Relations (JCIE, 2010).