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Current Research and Advisory Services

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Detecting and Preventing Mass Marketing Fraud (MMF)

Mass-marketing fraud (MMF) is a type of fraud that exploits mass communication techniques (e.g., email, Instant Messenger, bulk mailing, social networking sites, telemarketing) to con people out of money. This EPSRC project will develop novel techniques to detect and prevent MMF. Through its multi-disciplinary approach and close focus on co-designing the solutions with its range of project partners and testing them in-the-wild during live MMF-detection settings, the project will lead to not only new scientific understanding of the anatomy of MMF but also tools and techniques that can form the basis of practical interventions in tackling such fraud.


PETRAS is a Research Hub funded by the EPSRC. The grant supports nine leading UK universities, including Warwick, to investigate the challenges associated with privacy, security and trust in the Internet of Things (IoT), including the various interactions, policy and governance, beliefs and behaviours, between people and IoT systems. As part of this project, IERG Research Fellow Dr. John Guelke has been seconded part-time to WMG to advise on issues of informed consent to personal data use and processing on the internet.

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