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hectos_storfarg.jpgHECTOS, a project funded under the EC FP7 security research programme brings together 9 leading organizations from across Europe to study how existing evaluation and certification schemes used in other areas could be used, adapted or developed for products used for physical security of people, property and infrastructure.

HECTOS public deliverables are:

D2.1 Overview on existing standards, gaps in standardization and proposals for standardization activities [Month 8]

D6.1 Report on ethics/human rights issues raised by products in product review [Month 8]

D6.2 Report on ethical/human rights aspects of application scenarios [Month 10]

D6.3 Report on ethics and privacy by design standards [Month 15]

D6.4 Report on legal issues raised by the evaluation and testing of security products [Month 36]

D 7.2 Standardization product, e.g. CWA [Month 36]

D8.1 Proposed evaluation and certification approaches and standards across the domain of physical security products [Month 36]

D8.2 Elements for roadmap on European certification, accreditation and standardization for physical security products [Month 36]