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Reform of the UK's financial sector

On the 17th June, FinCris along with the Warwick Business School and the Arts & Humanities Research Council organised the grants final conference 'Reform of the UK’s financial sector: promoting stability, ethics and financial inclusion'

Topics discussed included:

  • From crisis to confidence – financial sector reform since 2007
  • Next steps for regulation of UK financial services
  • Strengthening EU banking sector resilience: Basel III implementation
  • Next steps for regulation of UK financial services – taxation, structured investment vehicles and stateless income
  • Responsibility, taxation and financial exclusion after the financial crisis’
  • Improving banking standards: a practical approach
  • A way ahead for ethics and culture
  • How do we make sure financial markets work for society, not just the few?
  • Addressing financial exclusion – balanced risk, short-term credit and the role of Government, regulators and industry

The transcript of this event can be found here