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Financial Reform After the Crisis

Promoting stability, ethics and financial inclusion

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The Fincris project, in association with New York University, will be discussing the Financial reform after the Crisis. This event will be held September 18th at the Institute for Public Knowledge:

20 Cooper Square, 5th floor
New York

Registration will open at 9.30, with the Chair's opening remarks at 10am. The programme can be downloaded here.

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What comes after nine?

About the FinCris project

FinCris is an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project. Via a collaboration between philosophers, economists, and social policy academics, FinCris seeks to enlarge understanding of the financial crisis and the ethical issues it raises by both the public and officials, and regulatory and consumer bodies. It addresses the issue of how responsibilities for what has gone wrong create obligations to some of those badly affected by the crisis.

The project has three work-streams: (1) ethical analysis, (2) economics-based analysis of bank taxation, and (3) policy studies focused on the provision of affordable credit to low income groups.