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Global Uncertainties

Ethical and Human Rights Issues in Countering Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism

Ethics and Security: Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime is a programme of ethics research led by Professor Tom Sorell as a Leadership Fellow of the Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security Research.

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It is based in the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.

  • How can police and security agencies legitimately deploy their resources in order to prevent crimes and disrupt criminal activity?
  • What special issues arise when dealing with those who have not harmed others, but pose a small risk of doing so?
  • When should we prefer the additional legal protections afforded by prosecution?

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The work focuses on cross-cutting issues in policing in international counter-terrorism and serious crime, including the use of surveillance and infiltration, the meaning of “proportionality,” and whether there is a clash between paradigms of security and justice in the criminalization of some offences.

Recent event

This meeting was held in conjunction with the Industry and Parliament Trust and the support of the Global Uncertainties project to discuss the problems counterfeiting poses to business and what steps policy makers can take to fight this crime.

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