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Tom Sorell


Tom Sorell is Professor of Politics and Philosophy and Head of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. He is an RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellow (2013-2016). Previously, he was John Ferguson Professor of Global Ethics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham. In 1996-7 he was Fellow in Ethics at Harvard. He was Co-ordinator of the FP7 DETECTER project and is leader of two Work Packages in the FP7 SURVEILLE project.

He directs the major AHRC project, FinCris, and is a participant in the FP7 ICT ACCOMPANY project on care robotics. Formerly, he was Co-Director of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex. He has published extensively in moral and political philosophy, including four books, and many journal articles. His current research is in the moral and political issues raised by emergencies, including terrorist emergencies. He has led a project on ethics and border guarding for FRONTEX, and advises the FP7 security projects INDECT, FOCUS, MOSES, and FASTPASS. He is advisor to the FP7 ICT project FROG and has also worked as a consultant on security-sensitive material in UK universities. He has also worked on the committee advising the AHRC on the Internet of Things.

Tel: 02476 528 031

Christopher Nathan


Dr. Christopher Nathan is a research fellow in the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group at the University of Warwick, working on the ethical issues connecting counter-terrorism and the policing of transnational organised crime. He lectures in in Political Philosophy, and has previously published on the concept of ‘basic equality’ and the foundations of liberal ideas. He was educated at Oxford, Exeter, and York. More about his work is available here.

Email: c dot m dot j dot nathan at warwick dot ac dot uk

Duncan Hine


Duncan Hine is a Senior Research Associate in connection with Warwick Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group. He has extensive experience of identity management and biometric techniques and the fraud mechanisms used to defeat these systems. He led the thinking in this area for the whole of the UK public sector and developed the strategies, policies and standards necessary for progress across multiple agencies and departments. Duncan has a pragmatic view of cyber security and in the past was instrumental in the introduction of loyalty cards in the UK working with many major retailers. He has developed techniques for profiling and data mining and techniques to defeat these approaches when off shoring sensitive material. Duncan also has a keen interest in innovation, which he led across The Post Office. He now leads a group of 25 of the world’s largest companies, across multiple industries, in developing new approaches to innovation.

David Page

David Page serves as a consultant on the project.