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Event: Carbon Copy Economy?



Houses of Parliament. An IPT Policy Event, organised by Duncan Hine of Warwick Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group.

According to an OECD report, counterfeiting costs the global economy an estimated $200 billion per year. The problem spans a broad range of sectors from pharmaceuticals, to official documents and forged currency. Counterfeited goods fund organised crime and also pose safety risks to consumers.... read more

Event: College of Policing Senior Leaders Masterclass on Big Data and Social Media


5149251032_c6d64d2bae_m.jpg college_of_policing.png

College of Policing. Bramshill, Hampshire

Four members of the IERG team, Tom Sorell, Kat Hadjimatheou, John Guelke and Christopher Nathan, presented papers at the College of Policing as part of a 1-day Senior Leaders Masterclass on Big Data and Social Media. Christopher Nathan’s presentation considered the privacy implications of big data analysis; John Guelke’s the risks to privacy of social media monitoring by police... read more


Event: Disruption, Ethics, and Policing



Friends House, London

Organised by the IERG, in association with Tom Sorell's GU Leadership Fellowship. The event was attended by leading academics, serving and retired members of the police force, and several officials concerned with police regulation... read more


Event: Policing and Preventive Justice



BMA House, London

Participants were drawn from ex-police, think tanks, and academia. Speakers included Heidi Lomell (University of Oslo), Vic Towell (Royal United Services Institute), and Tom Sorell (University of Warwick)... read more