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Research projects


Using Innovative solutions in digital pathology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the rate of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Health Risks in Urban Slums

Tackling climate-related health risks in urban slums: analysis of the challenge of integrating local and scientific knowledge.

Challenging Inequalities

Contributing an understanding of inequality as a driver of vulnerability in an international development context.


Investigating the key challenges of governance for Anthropogenic Global Catastrophic Risk (AGCRs).

Mass-marketing fraud

This EPSRC project develops novel techniques to detect and prevent mass-marketing fraud (MMF).


PRISMA has delivered a toolkit for companies that aspire to develop innovative products and services with which genuine societal needs are addressed and a contribution is made to both environmental and economic sustainability. Warwick worked with Warwick Manufacturing Group on 3 pilot projects: in connected vehicles; synthetic biology; and secure data-storage and exchange.


MiRTLE is the world’s first, high performance, long range, low cost, standoff “concealed threat” detection system for the protection of citizens and critical infrastructure.


Improving communication tools for law enforcement to prevent violent radicalisation.


IERG (Tom Sorell and Duncan Hine) have contributed teaching material to a distance taught course offered by the Institute of Risk Management on Digital Risk Managment.