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Disruption, Ethics and Policing event

Gulf logo On June 16th the IERG, in association with Tom Sorell's GU Leadership Fellowship, held an event entitled 'Disruption, Policing, and Ethics'.

The event was well attended by leading academics, serving and retired members of the police force, and several officials concerned with police regulation.

Speakers included:

Ian Davidson
National Coordinator, ACPO Financial Investigation and Proceeds of Crime Portfolio

Financial investigation to disrupt crime

Martin Innes
Professor in School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff Disruptive interventions: Preventing Crime in the New Information Environment
Tom Sorell
Professor of Politics and Philosophy, University of Warwick The Ethics of Disruption
Nick Walton
Superintendent, Coventry Police Arresting serious criminals for failing to pay for their television licences
Basia Spalek
Kingston University Communities as disruptors? Policing, Trust and Legitimacy
Christopher Nathan
University of Warwick Ethics and Disruption

Topics discussed:
  • What different forms of disruption are appropriate to serious and organised crime and terrorism?
  • How do agencies decide between disruption and e.g. further surveillance?
  • Is disruption sometimes preferable on cost grounds to further investigation?
  • Is disruption more harmless ethically than surveillance and other preventive measures?
  • How is the effectiveness of disruption to be measured?
Some photos of the event:
Disruption event photo 1 Disruption image 6
Disruption event photo 2 Disruption event image 4
Disruption event 7 Disruption event photo 3
Disruption event image 5 Disruption image 6

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