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FP7 Project DRIVER


What is DRIVER about?

DRiving InnoVation in crisis management for European Resilience (DRIVER)
  • Demo project for an improved aftermath crisis management to enhance European Resilience to a crisis situation (Not specifically a CBRN project)
  • Built on the needs and findings of Acrimas and Crysis projects, funded by the 2012 FP7 Security Call
  • Consortium 37 partners from 15 European countries
  • ~ 34 M € EU contribution, ~ 45 M € in total
  • DRIVER is due to start soon (Currently under signature process)
S&T and Policy Objectives

Main Objective:
  • (1) to imporve EU member states capabilities while (2) strengthening potential for solidarity and (3) contributing to the implementation of the EU Civil Protection Policy in particular Civil Protection mechanism.
Pan-European Test-bed:
  • Physical & virtual components (exercises, crisis labs), virtual connections
  • Methodology
  • Sustainability
A tested and validated Portfolio of Crisis Management Tools
  • Solutions for civil resilience
  • Solutions for professional response
  • Methods for Training and Lessons Learned Processes
  • Organisationsal, policy & legal tools
  • Standards
  • Societal aspects/tools
A more shared understanding of CM in Europe:
  • users, providers, researchers, policy makers and citizens