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Speaker Identification Integrated Project

logo_eng.pngFunded by the European Commission, SIIP research project will develop a break-through Suspect Identification solution based on a novel Speaker Identification (SID) engine and Global Info Sharing Mechanism (GISM) which will identify unknown speakers that are captured in lawfully intercepted calls, in recorded crime or terror arenas and in any other type of speech medium and channel (including social-media).

Professor Tom Sorell and Dr John Guelke will be involved in the following work packages:

WP1 End user & System requirements and uses cases definition
WP2 Legal, Ethics and Societal Aspects
WP7 Information sharing centre, Identified (high score) Call records database, Alerting system and MMI
WP9 Validation, Field Testing and End Users training
WP10 Dissemination & Exploitation of Results, Certifications & Standardisation activities
WP11 Management