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Surveillance Society Event

Saturday May 3rd 2014

The centre for Inquiry UK and Conway hall Present: "The Surveillance society"

Including Caspar Bowden, Tom Sorell, Judith Rauhofer

"Post Snowden, where do we go no? When is surveillance acceptable, and when is it wrong? Should whole swathes of public policy regarding surveillance now be junked? Three leading experts in the field present accessible and fascinating talks on our emerging surveillance society - and what to do about it.

Organised and chaired by Stephen Law


10.30 Registration

11.00 Caspar Bowden. An independent advocate for information privacy rights, and public understanding of privacy research in computer science. For nine years he was Chief Privacy Advisor for Microsoft for forty countries.

12.00 Tom Sorell. Professor of Philosophy, University Warwick. Tom will be talking about the relationship between the power of an agent of surveillance and the prima facie wrongness of surveillance.

13.45 Judith Rauhofer. Is a lawyer and lecturer in IT law at the University of Edinburgh. She will be speaking about surveillance and the rule of law, the different understandings of "lawfulness" and the concept of privacy as a common good.

14.45 Plenary

15.45 End

Event location and information

Conway Hall (Main Hall)
25 Red Lion Square

(Near Holborn Tube)

£10 (£5 students) Free to friends of CFI UK

Tickets available: CFI UK 'The Surveillance Society