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Events and Meetings




4th October, 13:00 to 14:00, Room: E2.02

Annual IPE Cluster Meeting

24th October, 14:30-16:00, Room: S2.77

Gareth Dale (Brunel): 'Economic Growth and the Legitimation of Inequality'

8th November, 13:00-14:30 Room: E2.02

Matthias Kranke (University of Warwick): 'When Most-Likely Cooperation Fails: The Pathologies of Inter-Organizational Relations in Global Governance'

17th January, 17:00-18:30 Venue: L5 (Science Concourse)

ANNUAL IPE LECTURE: Jacqueline Best (University of Ottowa): 'Little failures and doubtful successes: Rethinking neoliberalism in a post-truth world'

13th March, 17:00-18:30 Venue: S0.21 (Social Sciences)

ANNUAL DEBATE ON THE FUTURE OF IPE: Brexit in Context. Roberta Guerrina, University of Surrey; Ben Rosamond, University of Copenhagen; Muireann O'Dwyer, University of Warwick.







7th October (16.00)

S2.77 (Cowling room)

IPE Cluster Business Meeting

9th October (10.00-18.00)

Room TBC

Innovations in Teaching Political Economy Workshop - PERC, IPEG & PAIS workshop (contact Chris Clarke with offers for ideas or presentations)

13th October (12.00)


Martin Hearson (LSE) - Bargaining over corporate taxation: the diffusion of bilateral tax treaties to developing countries

28th October (16.00)


Warwick Panel on Feminist Political Economy to celebrate Shirin Rai - Shirin Rai (Warwick), Juanita Elias (Warwick), Adrienne Roberts (Manchester) and Nicki Smith (Birmingham)

25th November (16.00)

John Christensen (Tax Justice Network) - The Finance Curse
1st December (11.00)


Linda Arch (Henley Business School, Reading) - Regulating the London Clearing Banks, 1946-1979

9th December (16.30)

Meeting Room 5, Radcliffe

John Ravenhill (Waterloo, Canada) - The Political Economy of a 21st Century Trade Agreement: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

10-11th December

Raced Markets: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the IPE of Race and Racialisation - in collaboration with the School of Politics and IR, Queen Mary University London

20th January (16.00)


CSGR Roundtable on benchmarking

28th January (12.00)


Joseph Baines (LSE) - Accumulating through Food Crisis? The Rural One Percent, Commodity Traders and the Distributional Dynamics of Financialization

3rd February (15.30)


Andrew Rosser (Adelaide) - 'From Rights to Justice: Law and the Politics of Health Policy in Indonesia' (with the PAIS East Asian Study Group)

2nd March (17.00)


Warwick Annual Debate on the Future of IPE - Human Mobility & the Crisis of Border Controls, with Hannah Cross (Westminster) & Simon McMahon (Coventry). Chair: Nick Vaughan-Williams.

Wine reception afterwards at 18.30.

9th May (16.00)


CSGR book launch for Juanita Elias & Lena Rethel (Warwick)

18th May (16.00)


Annual Lecture in IPE 2015-16, Owen Parker (Sheffield) - 'Critical Political Economy and Mobility in the EU: Or, is there something rotten after all in the state of Denmark'

24th May (14.00)


Jue Wang (Leiden) - 'The Emergence of a Socialized Principal in Global Financial Governance: an analysis of the China-IMF relationship' (with the PAIS East Asian Study Group)

15th June (10.00-17.00)

Wolfson Research Exch 1

Narratives in and of Economics - Roundtable event with Roger Backhouse (Birmingham), Sheila Dow (Stirling), Ben Fine (SOAS), and Jack Copley, Chris Clarke, Tobias Pforr and Nick Taylor (Warwick).




2nd October (12.30) S1.50 IPE Cluster business meeting
24th October (13.00) S1.50 Chris Rogers & Chris Clarke (Warwick) - ‘Mainstreaming Social Finance: Regulating the Peer-to-Peer Marketplace in the United Kingdom’
30th October (12.00) S0.10 Liam Stanley (Sheffield) - ‘The Idea of Austerity: An Alternative History’
6th November (13.00) S1.50 Boudewijn de Bruin (Groningen) - 'Ethics and the global financial crisis: Why incompetence is worse than greed'
20th November (12.00) S0.17 Ryan Walter (Queensland) - 'Attacking and Defending Economists in the Nineteenth Century: Malthus and Ricardo'

25th November (16.00)


Maja Savevska (Warwick/Brussels) - 'The Evolving Governance Structure of the European Union: Asymmetric, But Not Disembedded'
26th November (16.00)


Samuel Knafo (Sussex) - Inaugural Annual IPE Lecture: 'Liberal Financial Governance and the Making of Modern Finance'

4th December (13.00)


Lena Rethel (Warwick) & Kerstin Steiner (Monash) - 'Islamic finance and the revisability of financial practice'

8th January (12.00)


Shirin Rai (Warwick) - 'Magic Numbers: Number Magic. A critical review of their value'

16th January (15.00)


Nigel Dodd (LSE) - 'The Social Life of Money'

21st January (13.00)


Felix Stein (Cambridge) - 'The "acute temporality” of strategy consulting'

30th January (12.00)


Nicola Smith (Birmingham) - 'The Queer Art of Crisis'

3rd February (13.00)


Phoebe Moore (Middlesex) - 'Measuring Decent Work'

5th March (17.00)

International Digital Laboratory auditorium

Warwick Annual Debate on the Future of IPE - Ben Selwyn (Sussex), Carl Death (Manchester) and Caroline Hughes (Bradford) - 'Doing Development Differently?'

11th March (12.00)


Joel Lazarus (Warwick) - 'Banking on democratic television: promoting public praxis, cultivating mass intellectuality'

28th April (13.00)


Nicholas Gane (Warwick) - 'The Missing History of Neoliberalism: From Political Economy to Sociology (and Back Again)’


Annual Warwick/RIPE Debate – 27th February 2014 (17.00) M2 Radcliffe House - 'The 70th Anniversary of Bretton Woods' Speakers: Rorden Wilkinson, Sophie Harman and André Broome



24th October (11.00) S1.50 Ben Braun - Agency, Causality, and Power: IPE and the Performativity of Economics
14th November (11.00) S1.50 Caroline Kuzemko (Exeter) - Energy Depoliticisation in the UK: Destroying Political Capacity
5th December (16.00) S1.50 Nathan Coombs (Edinburgh) - Machine Learning, Finance, and Market Epistemology
30th January 2014 (11.00) S1.50 Tom Sorell - The Bankers and the Nameless Virtue
21st February 2014 (12.30) PS0.17a (Sci.) Juanita Elias and Lena Rethel - Everyday Political Economy of Southeast Asia
5th March 2014 (12.00) S0.03 Huw Macartney (Birmingham) - Walking the Tightrope: The British Dilemma and EU Ring-fencing
18th March (15.00) S2.81 Randall Germain (Carleton) - E.H. Carr and IPE: Pathways to Political Economy

1st May 2014 (11.00) S1.50

Iain Pirie and Ben Richardson - Capital Appetites: The Political Economy of Eating
7th May 2014 (16.00) B0.01 (Scarman Road Building) Joint Book Launch by Ben Clift & André Broome - Political Economy in the 21st Century (Comparative Political Economy and Issues & Actors in the GPE) Discussants: Andrew Gamble and John Hobson
2nd June 2014 (11.00) S1.50 Megan Dee - The European Union in a Multipolar World: Theoretical Implications and a Framework for Analysis
25th June 2014 (12.00) S1.50
Matt Bishop (University of West Indies) - Political Economy and Caribbean Thought


Annual Warwick/RIPE Debate7th March 2013 (17.00) M2 Radcliffe House - ‘The Eurocentric Foundations of IPE’ Speakers: John Hobson, Cornelia Woll



12th December 2012 (10.00-12.00) Room S2.81
Will Davies - From Neoliberalism to Neocommunitarianism?: The New 'Social' Economy and the Rise of 'Social' Expertise
10th January 2013 (12.00-14.00)
Room S1.66
Shirin Rai - Depletion: Measuring the Costs of Social Reproduction
14th February 2013 (12.15-14.00) Room S1.69 Rocio Valdivielso del Real and Michel Goyer - Restrained Markets for Corporate Control in French and German Banking and the Sovereign Debt Crisis

7th March 2013 (11.00-13.00) Room B0.06 (PAIS)

Caroline Kuzemko (Exeter) - Conceptualising the Politics of Low Carbon Transition

25th April 2013 (11.00-13.00) Room B0.06

André Broome - Studying Everyday Actors in IPE

15th May 2013 (12.00-14.00) Room S0.17

Chris Rogers (York) - Redefining Capital to Recreate Capitalism: Basel III and Stability in the Global Financial System

24th June 2013 (11.00-13.00) Room S0.17

Matthew Gravelle (UBC) - The Political Economy of Cross-Border Financial Services Firms

1st July 2013 (11.00-13.00) Room S2.81

Jikon Lai (Melbourne) - Revisiting the Ethical Foundations of Islamic Finance: A Comparison with Conventional Finance




9th March 2011

Ben Clift and Ben Jacoby give overviews of their current research

6th April 2011

Discussion of the disciplinary division within the social sciences

24th May 2011

Caroline Kuzemko gives an overview of her research into the political economy of energy

17th November 2011

Alex Sutton presents on 'Open Marxism'

19th December 2011

James Brassett, Chris Clarke and Simon Willmetts present on 'Everyday Stories of Global Capitalism: Aesthetic IPE and the Relentless Sexy Beast'

2nd February 2012

Andre Broome presents on 'The Rise of Economic Constructivism in IPE'

15th March 2012

Juanita Elias presents on 'Reporting Gender, Benchmarking Competitiveness: Post-Feminist Politics at the World Economic Forum'

29th March 2012

Simon Glaze presents on 'Two Sides to Every Story? Towards a Deeper Historiography of Individual Agency in IPE'

30th May 2012

Chris Browning presents on 'Nation Branding and Development'

Key Events 2018-19

4th October 2018: Annual IPE Cluster Meeting, Room E2.02

17th January 2019: Annual IPE Lecture, Room: L5 (Chemistry)

13th March 2019: Annual Debate on the Future of IPE, Room: S0.21