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Annual IPE Lecture

ipe_tile.pngThe PAIS Annual IPE Lecture honours outstanding contributions in the field of International Political Economy. Each year, a distinguished speaker is invited to Warwick to deliver a lecture to the department as a whole. Speakers are selected by the IPE Research Cluster members on the basis of their contribution to and influence on IPE and the notable conceptual and/or empirical innovations they have offered to the subject field.

We are delighted to announce that the 2016/2017 IPE Annual Lecture will be given by Diane Elson (Emeritus Professor, University of Essex) on 'Gender Inequality and Economic Inequality'. It takes place on the 25th January from 15:00 to 16:30 in S0.21.

Abstract: Inequality in income and wealth is now of major concern to academics (including political scientists, sociologists and both mainstream and heterodox economists), to analysts at institutions like the OECD and IMF, and to NGOs like Oxfam. Gender inequality has always been of major concern to feminists, but is often ignored in the discussion of income inequality and wealth, apart from the gender wage gap. This talk will explore the intersections between class and gender aspects of inequality in income and wealth and discuss what difference it makes if gender is brought into analysis.

The lecture is co-hosted with the Global Research Priority Group on International Development.

Details of previous Annual IPE Lectures can be found below:

2015/16 PaIS Annual IPE Lecture: Dr. Owen Parker (University of Sheffield): 'Critical Political Economy and Mobility in the EU: Or is there something rotten after all in the state of Denmark?'

Inaugural PAIS Annual IPE Lecture 2014-15 - Samuel Knafo (University of Sussex), 'Liberal Financial Governance and the Making of Modern Finance'.