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Warwick IPE Debates

From 2008-2014, PAIS, in conjunction with the Review of International Political Economy (RIPE) hosted an annual Warwick/RIPE debate in International Political Economy (IPE). The debates have been the department's flagship IPE event and bring together internationally renowned scholars to discuss issues at the cutting edge of IPE in front of, and with, large audiences. From 2015 PAIS has hosted the Annual Warwick Debate on the Future of IPE.

The 2017 Debate considered the topic of economic accounting, specifically speakers discussed the politics of current, widespread practices of measuring and quantifying what matters in the world, but from differing IPE perspectives: feminist, environmental and historical. Our speakers were: Professor Peter Newell (University of Sussex), Professor Daniel Mügge (University of Amsterdam) and Professor Shirin Rai (University of Warwick). The debate took place on the 9th March at 16:30 in MS.05 (Zeeman Building).

Details and audio recordings of previous debates can be found on the sub-pages below:

Warwick IPE Debate 2017 - Daniel Mügge, Peter Newell, Shirin Rai on What Counts: the Politics of Economic Accounting

Warwick IPE Debate 2016 - Hannah Cross, Simon McMahon, Owen Parker on Human Mobility and the Crisis of Border Controls.

Warwick IPE Debate 2015 - Carl Death, Caroline Hughes and Ben Selwyn on Doing Development Differently

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2014 - Rorden Wilkinson, Sophie Harman and André Broome on The Future of IPE - The Bretton Woods Institutions at 70.

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2013 - Cornelia Woll, John Hobson on The Eurocentric Foundations of IPE.

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2012 - Brigitte Young, Magnus Ryner and Ben Clift on Trouble in the Eurozone: Whose Crisis?

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2011 - Philip Cerny, Jan Aart Scholte and Richard Higgott on Rethinking World Politics

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2010 - Vivien Schmidt, Ben Rosamond, Colin Hay and Colin Crouch on The Fall, Rise, Fall and Rise of the State within Modern Capitalism

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2009 - Mark Blyth, Jeffrey Chwieroth, Shirin Rai and Matthew Watson on The Routledge Handbook of International Political Economy

Warwick/RIPE Debate 2008 - Benjamin Cohen, Richard Higgott and Matthew Watson on 'American' versus 'British' IPE