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Warwick/RIPE Debate 2009

The 2009 Warwick/RIPE Debate: The Routledge Handbook of International Political Economy

On Tuesday May 5th 2009 the Department of Politics and International Studies hosted the second annual Warwick/RIPE Debate in IPE in collaboration with the Review of International Political Economy. As with the previous year, the debate was held in front of a sizeable audience of academic staff and graduate students, between them representing a notable proportion of the UK IPE community. The main speaker at the 2009 debate was Professor Mark Blyth of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MA (and soon to be of Brown University in Providence, RI). He spoke about his new book, The Handbook of International Political Economy: IPE as a Global Conversation (Routledge, 2009). The debate was chaired by the Head of PaIS, Ben Rosamond, and it also featured Jeffrey Chwieroth of the London School of Economics and two members of PaIS, Shirin Rai and Matthew Watson. The event revolved around a discussion of Professor Blyth’s rationale for commissioning chapters for the Handbook in a way which divides the different voices in the subject field by geography rather than by theoretical inclination. Professor Blyth provided a robust defence of his invocation of distinct national and regional traditions of IPE under challenge from his discussants.

A full recording of the debate was made, and it is available to all to download on an unrestricted basis. It is divided into two parts, the first half of the debate being found here and the second half here. The recording is an mp3 file and plays through Windows Media Player.

Photographs taken at the 2009 Warwick RIPE Debate are posted below.


(1) The four Debate participants - from left to right, Matthew Watson, Jeffrey Chwieroth, Mark Blyth and Shirin Rai



(2) Mark Blyth at the podium, with the other participants seated alongside the Debate Chair, Ben Rosamond

Mark at podium 


(3) Mark Blyth during his opening presentation

Mark holding court 


(4) Jeffrey Chwieroth responds



(5) Shirin Rai responds



(6) Matthew Watson, alongside the other participants and the Debate Chair



(7) The front cover of the Routledge Handbook of International Political Economy